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Threads and Messages in Forums

Information in forums is organized in Threads and Messages.  Threads are a collection of related Messages, gathered under one subject.

+ Threads

In forums, all registered users can start a new thread.  Likewise, all registered used can reply to the thread.

+ Thread Functions

Moderators and the Owner in a Forum have several functions they can apply to a thread, either from the thread's display, or from the Edit Thread menu:

Bump Using the "bump" function updates the thread date to the current time and date; it will cause the thread to appear to be unread, and move it to the top of the thread list (below any Notices).  The "bump" function may be accessed through the Edit Thread menu, or by editing any post within the thread.
Close Closing a thread stops players from posting to it.  The "close" function may be accessed through the Edit Thread menu.
Notice When a thread is made into a Notice, it will become permanently fixed to the top of the thread list in at the Game Menu.  The "Notice" function may be accessed through the Edit Thread menu, or by editing the first post in the thread.  

The Forum Owner and any Moderators can also delete the thread, using the "Delete" link at the upper right of the thread's display.

+ Posting a Message

When posting a message, the following options are available:

Subject This if for the subject the post will have.  If the post is beginning a new thread then this will also be the thread topic that will display in the Forum Menu.  The Subject is limited to 60 characters and may not contain formatting code or special characters.
Message This is for the body of the message itself.  RuBB Code may be entered here to format the post (the RuBB Code document for a full list of available code).  Each message has a limit of fifty thousand characters (51,200 to be precise), which is approximately 10,000 words or 200 paragraphs.
Preview The Preview button allows the poster to see how their message will look before they post it.  This is ideal for when formatting code has been included and helps ensure the message looks as intended.  Additionally, GMs can delay posts with this option by selecting the appropriate time delay in the preview screen.
Post Message This posts the message.  If there are serious errors within the post, you will be returned the compose screen and asked to correct them before proceeding.
Notice(Forum Owner and Moderators only) Checking this option makes the thread a Notice, which will always appear at the top of the thread listing. Note: This can only be done in the first post of a thread; Notices are closed by default but can be opened afterwards.
Cancel Clicking cancel will cause the post to be aborted; there will be no confirmation screen.
bold, italic, underline, strike, sup, sub, small, pre, tt These links provide quick-picks for the most common formatting options; by selecting text and clicking one of the styles here, the text will be properly coded to render in that style.  Alternately, clicking one of the links with no text selected will open a dialog that will insert the entered text within the proper codes at the insertion point within the text message.  For more information on formatting options see the document on RuBB Code.
styled text This drop-down list allows the user to choose a color or font-style for the text in their post.  If the text has been selected, the formatting code will be inserted around it, otherwise a pop-up dialog will show up and any text entered in it will be inserted in the message (properly coded) at the insertion point.

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