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Account Name The name a User has used to create and sign in to their RPoL account.  It will appear next to their public forum posts.
Admin The owner of RPoL -- of which there is one, jase.
Atom (Feed) For the purposes of RPoL, this is another type of RSS feed.
Bump / Bumping Replying to a Thread for the purpose of moving it to the top of the thread listing.
Date of Birth / DOB RPoL will not ask for the day of a member's birth unless it can be firmly established that they are over thirteen.  As a result all uses of the term "date of birth" almost always mean the month and year.
Dice Roller An in-built random number generator.  The Dice Roller appears only within Games and can only be accessed by those who are players of that game.
Forum An RPoL board which does not require a User to Request Access in order to join; instead, anyone may post using their Account Name.
Game Any RPoL board which requires a User to Request Access in order to post and play.
Game Master Within a game, a Game Master runs the show.  Games can have multiple Game Masters, of which one will be the Game Owner, or head GM.
GM A Game Master.
Game Owner The GM who owns a game -- they are the only one who can create new GMs and edit existing GMs.
Message Any single post within a Thread, whether public or private.
Moderator On the site, the Moderators (also called Site Moderators) are the volunteers who help the Admin run RPoL.  Within Games, Moderators are assistants to the GM who have the power to edit others' posts.
PL A Private Line.
PM A Private Message.
Primary GM This is another name for the Game Owner.
Private Line Hidden text inside a message that only the intended character(s) can see.
Private Message A message that is limited in its visibility; only those to whom it is addressed (and Game GMs) can see it.
RDF (Feed) For the purposes of RPoL, another type of RSS feed.
rMail RPoL's internal mailing system.
RPoL RolePlay onLine.  This website (and the people who run it).
rPoll Polls, published occasionally, where RPoL asks its Users' opinions on site policy or changes.
RSS (Feed) A family of web feed formats used to publish frequently-updated digital content, such as blogs, newsfeeds, or podcasts.  RSS readers can display a summary for multiple sites on one page.
RtJ A "Request to Join" (a game); to make an RtJ, use the "Request Access" link at a game's Game Menu.
Sticky List The list of games and forums any User reads is their Sticky List.  The Sticky List appears as the top half of the Main Menu when a User is logged in.
Thread A group of messages, listed in chronological (date) order and gathered under one subject/topic heading.
User Any registered member of RPoL.

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