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Help on the Main Menu Advertisements

Two ads are provided on the Main Menu of RPoL in an effort to help pay for the site and its associated costs.  Direct donations may be made through FoRPoL, the Friends of RPoL, who have a dedicated forum under the "RPoL Forums" category.

+ Amazon.com

Amazon.com offers RPoL a small kick-back on purchases made through that link.  In no way can RPoL gather a user's personally identifying information, such as name, address, or credit card details, via this link -- this is just a customer's way of telling Amazon.com that RPoL referred them.

+ Cafe Press

Cafe Press allows RPoL to design shirts, mugs, and so on with their own logos and sell them for a small profit.  Here, all transactions are handled through Cafe Press, and RPoL never sees a user's personal details.

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