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User Preferences

Within your user profile you can edit your registered details, edit a public autobiography, update preferences for the site, manage games on your sticky (favourite) list, as well as view RSS feeds and change your email notification schedule.

Public Information

Edit the short bio that is posted with every message.


It's up to you what you put here, but anything you want the general RPoL populace to know about you.

Registration Details

Here you can update your email address and/or password.  Keep your email address current!


Select or create a colour scheme for the site, enable/disable portraits, rMail and fixed header.

Sticky List

You can not only remove unwanted games from your sticky list but find any missing games that you're a member of and aren't on your sticky list.


Subscribe to receive notification when games are updated.

Email Notifications

You can be emailed a summary about games with new posts, as often as every 15 minutes, or as little as once a day.

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