Frequently Requested Features

These features are often requested by new users to the site.  This list of "Frequently Requested Features" is intended as a way to help them see what's already been considered (and rejected) in the past.

Can you make window <insert screen name here> pop up?

Nope!  That would be forcing everyone to open the link in a new window.  As it currently is, people can right-click and select "Open in New Window" (or similar) if they want a new window (in IE you can shift-left click).

Can I be emailed when there's a new post?

Unsurprisingly this option has been asked for several times, however there is nothing in place on RPoL to do this as it is a message board-centric system.  That said, RSS may be a possible alternative for some users. See the  FAQ on RPoL's RSS Feeds for more information.  If you want to play via email I suggest you check out

Can I link to an external portrait instead of choosing one from the gallery?

No, sorry.  To stop bad links and inappropriate images we take submissions and host them ourselves.

Can I have an image for my Account Name in the public forums?

Because we only host role-play-related images, they're not appropriate for "real" people's images, and are not used in public forums.

Can you add the <insert game system name here> to the list of game Genres?

No, no game systems, sorry.  RPoL doesn't organise games via the system they're in, but rather by the genre.  If you can think of a genre that's not there then by all means we'll add it if we think there'll be more than one game in it.  Note that many GMs choose to include the appropriate game system abbreviation in the name of their game to help other users when searching for games of that type.  See the System Abbreviation Acronyms document for the full list.

Ok, can you add an "other" or a "miscellaneous" classification?

Again, no.  It's better to put a game in a category that's at least slightly related to it rather than in a big melting pot with games totally unrelated to it.  Having a catch-all classification invites laziness, and people will just throw their games in there without really thinking about where the games should really go.

It'd be really great if there was "Who's Online" list!

RPoL isn't coded to work this way.  While it can tell when a person last checked a game, there isn't any way to really tell if someone who checked a game five minutes ago is still looking at RPoL right this second.

Additionally, we prefer to allow users their privacy whenever possible.  Really, it's no other user's business who else is also currently looking at the site.  While GMs can see the last time their players read the games they run, that's as far as RPoL will go in allowing users to track one another's movements.

As a player, I want to be able to remove myself from games.

As only GMs can add players to a game, only GMs can remove players from games.  If you'd like to leave a game, be sure to tell the GM and ask them to remove you from it.  If they do not respect your wishes within a reasonable time (at least 7 days), contact the Moderators about the issue.

Will you put in a way for me to organize threads in my game?

Likely not.  RPoL is designed so that the most active threads are the ones nearest the top of the forum.  GMs can modify this somewhat using the "Notice" feature in their game to make certain threads stick to the top of the forum, and by using the "bump" feature in games to move threads up when they need to.  However, we have no plans to allow any sort of thread organization by alphabetizing, reverse threading, or so on.

Can you make the Sticky List refresh faster?

We can, but we won't.  Every time the Sticky List refreshes, it needs to check each game you are monitoring for new posts.  Multiply that toward hundreds or thousands of users also checking, and if the checks are happening every two or three minutes, things will get quickly out of hand for our server.

Could the dice roller be modified for <insert game system here>?

Maybe.  If you need the dice roller to do something it doesn't do currently, try posting a new topic in the General RPoL forum about it.  Give as much detail as possible as to what the roll is needed to do and what the results should show, as that's the easiest way for jase to figure out how to code it.

Will RPoL implement a public blacklist or kudos list, or some way to review games, players, and GMs on the site?

No.  There is no reasonable way to ensure that such a system is fair, or that every individual's unique situation is taken into account when others critique their performance.  While there is nothing to prevent individuals from keeping their own notes about which games and with whom they enjoy playing, RPoL will not implement any public system for doing so.

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