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RPoL needs to update its design to be more mobile friendly. "Responsive Design" is the phrase used where the website adapts to the browser screen size.

How should RPoL update it's design? Those with metathesiophobia should probably abstain.
Make a fully responsive and mobile friendly design (without sacrificing the traditional desktop users) -- Start the design from scratch.
Bring back some of the current look and feel where possible but start from a blank template.
This would also involve putting the links in a more natural/convenient location and having side-menus where the screen width allows it (otherwise drop-down menus).

57.2% (947 Votes)
Keep as much of the current design as possible.
I (am used to/like/have grown strangely attached to) the current design.
Adapt the current layout to be more mobile friendly and responsive where possible while minimising changes to the current design.

34% (564 Votes)
Abstain. 8.7% (144 Votes)

Total Votes: 1655
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